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Jan's Critter Sitters

(Pet care at home, with an alternative to boarding)
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 My Furry Friends
Client Testimonials and photos of their FurrBabies. Thank you to those who have contributed and also 
for the kind words. If you are one of my clients and wish to add a comment or photo, please send me an
email, mail a copy of a picture, or I can pick it up, scan it and return it to you.  I could also take a picture with
my camera when I am pet sitting for you and upload it. I would love to place their furry little faces on here.
(Above):  Long time pals:BK, Dax and Gracie.
And a few words from their mom: "Here's a picture of the first time Gracie was together with Dax and BK.  I had to bribe them with
pieces of meat.  I would like to add to your website how happy Gary and I have been with your services over the years.  It's
comforting to know you visit our house daily, have picked up errant newspapers, packages, looked after our cats and reported
back any issues the cats may have had. I like having neighbors/strangers know there is daily activity at our house while we're gone.
Thank you, Jan".   Vicki G from B'ham.
(Above):This is "Basil" (such a silly guy).
And from his dad:  "Attached is a picture of Basil - it's one of my favorites when I caught him kind of up-side-down and
being a goof.  As a traveling professional, I'm on the go a lot and find Jan's services indispensable. Jan is kind, polite and
utterly professional in the way she handles her practice.  I would recommend her to anybody."    Dave M. from B'ham
(Above) "Jean Luc" has been my buddy for several years.
Heres what he told his mom to write about me.   "Jean-Luc's testimonial:  "I've been told I'm rather high maintenance,
but when my people go away I rest easy knowing Jan is looking after my many needs as well as my home".
We said good bye to Jean Luc, (age 17) as he peacefully went off to romp at "Rainbow Bridge." 
He was a special kitty who I was very fortunate to take care of for many many years.  I miss you little guy.
           (Above) Ms. (Queen) Mesha                                                                
(Above)  is Handsome Thomas.
Their family had this to add:  "Hiya Jan !  Thank you for always taking good care our mom's kitties!  As you
know the two don'tmix so well but they are both adorable individually!   In love and laughter always,
(Above) Cassie and Tikka.  Such a sweet picture of them hugging each other.
And from their mom:  “Jan has been caring for my cats Tikka (the siamese) and Cassie (the tabby) for a over two
years and she also took care of my cat, Pearl, who passed away several years ago. I’m very happy with her
services.  I know that with Jan, my pets are safe, happy and well-cared for.”  Elizabeth N.    Bellingham
(Above): "Cat Pile" from left to right:  Butterscotch (daughter), Flannel (mother), Tiger (son)

Love the way they all sleep together  ;-) 


And from their mom: "Jan is awesome!  She is reliable, dependable and wonderful with people and pets.  She has

been caring for our cats for years.  It's great to be able to travel and know that our cats get to stay home and be well

cared for.  We always come home to a clean and tidy laundry room (cat room) and happy cats.  Jan also goes the extra

mile to make sure our home doesn't broadcast that we are away.  She brings in anything left on our porch or driveway

while we are away.  We appreciate that she has us call her when we return, to be sure we actually got home and our

cats are not abandoned.  I highly recommend Jans Critter Sitters."  Kathy R.  Bellingham





(Above)  Nana & Hitch   (these two are characters and SO much fun to play with) 


And from their parents: "We have been using Jan's Critter Sitters for about a year now, and could not possibly be

more happy with the service and friendliness of her company!  She is exceptionally professional, and responds very

quickly to any email, call, or text we send. There have been a few weekends where we had to leave town with very

little notice, and Jan has always been more than willing to help us out - even with just a day or 2 of notice! Like most

of you, I'm sure, our pets are a very important part of our lives and we would not be willing to leave them in the care

of just anyone. Thank you so much Jan, please keep up the fantastic work!!"    Nate    Bellingham




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